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Based on the edge of the Sutherland Shire, Menai Guitar School offers high quality music education that is tailor made to fit every student.  We understand that every student learns differently and needs an approach that works for them.  At Menai Guitar School we have developed material that is designed to engage the student with the goal of building their skills and understanding of music.  

A great musician does not necessarily make a great teacher.

But a great teacher will make great musicians!

We believe a great teacher must be able to:

  1. Know what they are talking about and have real world experience.
  2.  Communicate at the student’s level.
  3. Be patient and understanding of the student.
  4. Inspire and challenge their students to greater heights.

Our teaching staff have been carefully selected with these four criteria in mind.  We have a policy that if we do not have a qualified teacher for a particular instrument we will not offer lessons for that instrument.  No student teachers, no guitar teachers teaching drums etc.  Only the best teacher for the right job.

Matt Favelle

Principal, Guitar & Bass

With over 30 years of playing and teaching guitar. Matt Favelle brings a wealth of knowledge as a working musician into his tuition and private guitar lessons.

Matt has functioned as a guitarist in varied situations where his skills as a guitarist have been called upon, playing in different venues and events both around Australia and internationally.

From original and tribute/cover bands to playing in musicals and worship settings, Matt draws on his experience and understanding to help inspire, equip and encourage other aspiring guitarists.

Chris Frede


At the age of 13, Chris discovered a love for guitar and music, heavily influenced by his dad’s ‘Aussie Rock’ playlist. With 13 years of playing and 8 years of teaching, Chris provides a great deal of knowledge, experience and understanding. It all began at Menai Guitar School as Chris learnt under Matt Favelle. In 2013, Chris decided to pursue his love for guitar, attaining a Bachelor of Music at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM). Further, Chris’ passion for teaching led him to studying a post graduate Masters of Secondary School Education –  Music Teaching.

Chris has performed, composed and recorded in a number of Sydney’s finest venues and studios. His skills as a guitarist have been used in original, cover and tribute acts which range from small club/pub shows, worship bands to festivals, private showcases, corporate events, weddings, theatres and musicals. Each of these have provided Chris with essential experience and understanding which he transforms into a rich, fun, positive and effective teaching environment for all ages.

Warren Scott


With over 20 years of performing experience and personal study, Warren is just as passionate about sharing what he has learned and providing quality private teaching.

Warren has performed with a multitude of Sydney recording artists and performing bands including: One Hit Wonders, The Australian Keith Urban Tribute Show, leading Sydney corporate band Big Radio Dynamite and award winning Christian Singer/Songwriter Ryan Day to name a few.

When it comes to teaching, Warren is committed to providing a personal and fun teaching experience for each student that will equip them to confidently play and enjoy music in a live band situation. A simple approach to learning, with content that is 100% useful.

Carolyn Miller

Piano & Vocals
Carolyn has been a music educator for over 30 years. She has a Bachelor of Music Education from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and a Licentiate degree in singing and an Associate degree in piano. She has taught classroom music in a High School, composed two musicals and directed their performances, conducted school bands, choirs and vocal groups, accompanied students for their performances and privately tutored many students in piano and singing. She also performed extensively as a classical singer. She has been employed by several churches as a Worship Pastor and has a Bachelor of Theology degree.

Carolyn enjoys sharing her musical knowledge but especially loves teaching people to sing as it is an individual art. She loves the fact that no two voices are the same and takes the approach of working from where the student is at in producing sound and taking them on a journey of discovering what their voice can do. Despite the fact that her early training was in classical singing she now takes a more contemporary approach in teaching by still emphasising a good forward placement but is also aware of contemporary inflections and tonal variations according to the style of song.

Josh Clover


Josh began playing guitar at the age of 8, and now after playing for over 16 years has had experience in a wide variety of genres. Josh has studied and performed in an array of settings, from performing in pubs to touring Australia playing guitar in worship services. Josh has experience performing genres such as blues, rock, jazz, pop and classical. 

Josh draws on influences from artist such as ‘Mike Stern’, ‘George Benson’, ‘Tommy Emmanuel’, and ‘Rodrigo y Grabiela’. These artists have helped Josh develop a playing style that ventures across so many genres. 

Josh has a broad 9 years of guitar teaching experience. Josh has taught private tuition, group lessons, guitar ensembles and periodically a concert band. Josh loves being able to give reason through music theory to the practical side of guitar playing. 

Andy Morris

Bass Guitar

Andrew Morris is a Professional bass guitarist and Music Educator. He has a Bachelor of Music Performance and a Diploma of Education and considers himself very much an avid student of all things music and loves nothing more than to share his love of music through performance and education.

Andy has performed and toured through-out Australia, Overseas as well as being a regular performer on the Sydney live music scene.  Andy has performed with such acts as Zale Seck (Canada, Senegal), Triplex, Matt Finish, Voli K, The Coconut Ruffs, Chris Gudu and Afro Pamoja(Zimbabwe), Afro Mbollo, Triplex, Echoes of Africa.  Andy has also played in many tribute bands covering artists such as Bob Marley, The Doors, Matchbox 20, Queen and Johnny Clegg.  

As a fluent music reader Andy is a teacher who stresses the importance of music reading and theory and its applications in the real world of playing and listening.

For a casual guitar player it’s fantastic to be able to enjoy learning in a relaxed setting where understanding is given to my work and family commitments. Matt is an all-round good guy, a great teacher and provides a fun safe comfortable environment.
Justin Elton

Learning from Matt has been a turning point in my guitar playing. His knowledge and background on guitar has not only taught me integral techniques of playing, but also (through being personal and relatable) has allowed me to develop my own style, and to then build on that.
Nathan Cairns

Guitarist, New Empire and Brittany Cairns

Menai guitar school is fantastic! Very professional, great tuition, friendly service & genuinely care about encouraging their students achievements. My child has started guitar this year & has come a long way! Most recommended! Very happy!!
Joanna Holmwood

“Matt has had a huge impact on my life as a musician. Not only is he one of the best players that I’ve ever seen – but his patience, innovation and eclectic taste make him the best teacher that you could ever hope for.”
Daniel Lochens

Lead Guitarist , Urbanlife Church band

“I would not be playing guitar today if it wasn’t for Matt Favelle. He helped me connect the dots between musical theory and what I was playing”
Joel Howard

Singer songwritter

Our son was being taught Bass but had become bored and was not motivated.  Getting him to practice was hard, his interest was all but gone and he was at the point of giving up.  A friend suggested we try Menai Guitar and so we did.  What a breath of fresh air! Matt is a fantastic teacher and very astute in connecting with children around learning music – weaving practical and theory seamlessly together in an enjoyable way.
Greham & Carla Robinson

At Menai Guitar School we run annual performance nights as well as finding other opportunities for our students to enjoy playing on stage.

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For more infomation or enquiries on available lesson times please either call us or send us an email with the email form.  We would love to hear from you.