Bass Guitar lessons

The most important part of the band.    

At Menai Guitar school we aim to provide the best tuition service in the Menai / Bangor / Illawong area.  The Bass Guitar is one of the most important parts of any band.  Along with the drums the Bass player creates the foundation that the other instruments work upon.  Bass guitar is the engine of the music, the instrument that gives strength and power to the sound.

Understanding the role of this instrument and how it differs from the guitar is an important element in teaching this instrument effectively.  The theory and musical concepts are very similar to guitar but the delivery and technique is very different.


The Bass guitar is found in almost every style of music from Jazz, Rock, Blues, Country, Electronic Dance, R&B etc.  With this in mind we aim to expose each of our bass students to as many different styles as possible. 


As in our Guitar course we have the same approach in making sure we are seeing that our students are developing a strong technique as well as building a strong understanding or music theory and musical concepts.  We have developed specific course material for Bass guitar that helps our students learn everything they need to be a well rounded musician. 

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