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    “Matt has had a huge impact on my life as a musician. Not only is he one of the best players that I’ve ever seen – but his patience, innovation and eclectic taste make him the best teacher that you could ever hope for.”

    Dan Lochens (Lead guitarist for Urbanlife Church Band)

    “Learning from Matt has been a turning point in my guitar playing. His knowledge and background on guitar has not only taught me integral techniques of playing, but also (through being personal and relatable) has allowed me to develop my own style, and to then build on that”

    Nathan Cairns (Guitarist for "New Empire" and "Brittany Cairns")

    “I would not be playing guitar today if it wasn't for Matt Favelle. He helped me connect the dots between musical theory and what I was playing”

    Joel Howard (Lead singer, rhythm guitarist for Urbanlife Church Band)

    “Matt’s lessons have brought me from a basic fundamental knowledge of guitar and equipped me with the necessary skills to compose music for a variety of purposes.”

    Josh Erskine (Lead guitarist for Urbanlife Church Band)


    Matt Favelle (Guitar teacher / principal)

    With over 28 years of playing and teaching guitar. Matt Favelle brings a wealth of knowledge as a working musician into his tuition and private guitar lessons.

    Matt has functioned as a guitarist in varied situations where his skills as a guitarist have been called upon, playing in different venues and events both around Australia and internationally.

    From original and tribute/cover bands to playing in musicals and worship settings, Matt draws on his experience and understanding to help inspire, equip and encourage other aspiring guitarists.

    Jess Brooker (Singing & Piano)

    Jess is a recent graduate from the Australian Institute of Music, with a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance.) Passionate for music at a young age she started piano lessons when she was 8, soon followed by singing lessons. As a young teenager she completed theory and AMEB exams, as well as had performance experience in many local eisteddfods, competitions, musicals and bar gigs. Through her time at the Australian Institute of Music Jess has had the honour to work on some incredible projects, including performing on Studio 10 with Darren Percival, being involved in the One Million Women promotional campaign, and performed as part of the backing choir at Guy Sebastian’s annual Christmas Carols. Jess’ goal as a teacher is to inspire and motivate students to achieve their goals, as well as creating a fun, exciting environment for students to learn in.

    Warren Scott (Drum teacher)

    Warren discovered his love for drumming when he was 7 years old and he is still as passionate now as he was then. With over 20 years of performing experience and personal study, Warren is just as passionate about sharing what he has learned and providing quality private teaching.

    Warren has performed with a multitude of Sydney recording artists and performing bands including: One Hit Wonders, The Australian Keith Urban Tribute Show, leading Sydney corporate band Big Radio Dynamite and award winning Christian Singer/Songwriter Ryan Day to name a few.

    Having played Musicals, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Worship, Tribute Shows, Originals, Recording Studios, Warren has the knowledge and experience set you on the right path to achieve your goals.

    When it comes to teaching, Warren is committed to providing a personal and fun teaching experience for each student that will equip them to confidently play and enjoy music in a live band situation. A simple approach to learning, with content that is 100% useful.

    Warren also teaches from his studio in Kirawee visit www.yougroove.com.au

    Chris Frede (Guitar teacher)

    In his fifth year of teaching, Chris brings ten years of understanding and competency. Originally a student of Menai Guitar School, he is currently enrolled in the Australian Institute of Music exploring every genre and specialising in contemporary music. Chris’ skills as a guitarist have been used in a number of original and cover acts including small club shows, worship bands, festivals and private showcases. Each of these have given him essential knowledge which he uses to engage and assist young and upcoming guitarists.

  • The Studio

    Our Studio has been purposely set up with the intention of providing a comfortable environment where students are encouraged and inspired to develop their abilities and explore their musical passions.

    All of our lessons are tailor made to suit each individual student. We take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of each student whilst putting together a coaching strategy that aims to develop all of the necessary skills to become a great musician.

    Other Services

    HSC Music Coaching Course

    A specialised coaching program (including the involvement of two teachers) that has been designed to help students as they study and work towards their HSC music exams.

    Recital Night

    Recital night happens once a year and gives students a chance to perform on a stage in front of their friends and family.

    Guitar Jam Night

    Guitar Jam Night is a night that we put on that gives lovers of all things guitar a chance to come together and chat about guitars, show off gear and have a jam. For updates on when these nights happen check out "guitar jam" on facebook or email and ask to be kept up to date for the next event.

    Recording Studio

    We also have the ability to help with recording projects. Do you have a song you have written that you would like to record? Or need a demo recording? Send us an email via the contact page.

  • Book in now

    Nothing can bring growth more than meeting face to face with an experienced teacher / coach that will hold you accountable to take the steps that you need to take to be successful.

    We provide tailored lessons for people on all levels from beginner to advanced. Our goal is to give you the tools to become a great musician that all your friends will admire. All ages welcome!

    To book in either call Matt on 0431962066 Or email us by using the email form on the Contact page.

    Fee Structure

    Guitar Lessons

    $33.00 per week. One-on-one ½ hour, paid per term. inc gst

    Drum Lessons

    $33.00 per week. One-on-one ½ hour, paid per term. inc gst

    Singing Lessons

    $33.00 per week. One-on-one ½ hour, paid per term. inc gst

    Piano Lessons

    $33.00 per week. One-on-one ½ hour, paid per term. inc gst

    Pay as you go price

    $44.00 per week + one of fee $35.00 for lesson material. inc gst

    Terms & Conditions

    Cancelations must be made by at least 2:00pm the day of the lesson to receive a make up lesson. Make up lessons will not go beyond 1 week of the original booking. Makeup times are at the teachers choosing and availability. Credits will only be issued if the teacher is not able to fulfill their weekly lesson commitment either within the regular time slot or makeup time. Printing fee of $5.00 per student is charged once a term. New students one of fee $25.00 for folder and course material.


    Menai Guitar School

    PO Box 52, Menai Central
    New South Wales 2234 Australia.
    Telephone: 0431 962 066


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  • Matt Favs Scale Method

    My goal was to find an approach that communicated how the scales work on the guitar in a simple but effective way.

    Scales can often be thought of as a boring musical concept that have no real relevance to playing music and having fun on your instrument. Nothing could be further from the truth!

    Scales are the foundation of music. With a good working knowledge of our scales and how they work on your instrument you will be able to explore new ideas and experience new levels of musical expression.

    During my years of teaching guitar I have found that a lot of students either don't have the patience, or find the traditional approach too hard to memorise.

    Throughout this series of video lessons and exercises you will learn how to play the major scale across every note on the guitar neck. You will learn how chords work within the scale structure. You will automatically learn arpegios. You will learn how easy it is to quickly modify the foundation scale to achieve other scales and as stated above, you will experience a new level of musical expression.

    Lesson package comes complete with 8 videos, lesson notes and TAB sheets.

    Designed for intermediate to advanced players

    Coming soon stay tuned!

    Quick blues jam Les Paul Custom Classic
  • How to hold your guitar

    In this lesson you will learn the basic approach to holding your guitar.

    If you have ever had tennis lessons the first thing you would have been taught would have been how to hold your tennis racquet. Without the correct technique you will find it very hard to be a good tennis player.

    The same is true with learning how to be a good musician. If we don't adopt a good technique we will find some things on our instrument very hard if not impossible to do.

    In this lesson you will be shown the correct way to hold your guitar. Make sure every time you pick up your guitar you remind yourself of the points in this lesson.

    Tip of the day. The old saying that practice makes perfect IS NOT TRUE! We can practice all day using the wrong technique and not get any better. Only when we practice the right things in the right way will we see improvement in what we do.
    Designed for beginner players.
  • Knowing the parts of the guitar

    In this lesson you will learn the different parts of your guitar.

    In order to know what teachers and other guitar players are talking about when talking about guitars it is important to know the different parts of the guitar.

    In this lesson you will be shown the different parts of the guitar.

    Designed for beginner players
  • Understanding chord diagrams

    In this lesson you will learn how to read chord diagrams.

    When starting on guitar there are lots of different symbols and diagrams to learn and understand. Through this lesson beginners will be able to understand how to read chord diagrams and how to play these chords on the guitar.

    Designed for beginner players
  • Guitar TAB

    In this lesson you will learn how to read Guitar TAB.

    Guitar TAB is a special type of music that is designed especially for guitarists. In this video you will learn how to read TAB and how what you see on the page relates to the guitar.

    Designed for beginner players
  • Sunshine

    Sunshine of Your Love (basic version no solo).

    Learn to play this classic rock song by the legendary band "The Cream". In this lesson I guide you through the different sections of the song showing all of the riffs, chords and necessary info needed to master the song. This lesson comes complete with video breakdowns of the riffs, backing tracks and slowed down video of the different sections for you to practice along with.

    Designed for beginner players
  • Chromatic Exercise

    A simple exercise to help develop good co-ordination between both hands and to build muscle memory.

    Because of the simplicity of this exercise a lot of guitarists overlook the impact the chromatic exercise can have on their guitar playing.

    Playing this exercise while using the correct technique will strengthen your co-ordination between both hands, your alternate picking on the right hand and your left hand fretting technique.

    As with every exercise you will need to go slow enough so you can focus on the right technique. Don't be tempted to play the exercise as fast as you can. Play at a speed that allows attention to detail.

    Remember the goal is CONTROL not SPEED.
    Designed for beginner to advanced players
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    A simple exercise to help develop good co-ordination between both hands and to build muscle memory.

    Because of the simplicity of this exercise a lot of guitarists over look the impact the chromatic exercise can have upon their guitar playing.